Find balance in all you do

It starts with something small that can make a big difference.

Understory Botanicals was born from a deep desire to achieve balance in my own life. As with many dreams, it started during a time of change, growth and chaos. 

We had just moved to a small farm outside of town - we had more land, more space, a growing family, and a never ending to-do list.

With fewer moments to call my own, I really started to appreciate the little bit of time I had to myself, whether it was 2 or 30 minutes. My skincare routine became my safe haven. I looked forward to it. It was a reset. A grounding experience and a time to relax, re-balance and enjoy the moment.

This was also a time when I noticed the first changes in my skin. I started seeing fine lines, pigmentation, and an overall loss of glow. This led me to search for high-performance products that would really target the changes I was seeing in my skin.

In doing my research, I realized that the skincare world was quite polarized between ‘natural skincare” and “clinical skincare.” Although I saw the advantages of both sides, I wanted to find products that would have it all - high quality, healing plant extracts and clinical active ingredients that would target my skin concerns and give visible results.

Garden hydrangeas skincare

This quest inspired Understory Botanicals

As a scientist, the process of creating formulations, testing and troubleshooting, came naturally. But, I wanted the formulas to be even more personal than that.

Growing the plants that make up our signature botanical complex in our garden means that I can stand behind the quality and freshness of each extract. It also means that I can use ingredients not commonly found in other products, such as our hydrangea leaf extract. Developing products that are perfectly balanced in their ability to target skin concerns and also soothe and heal the skin is my passion.

I believe balance is about making the most out of the special little moments in our day - whether it’s washing your face or smelling a flower in your garden. My hope is that using our products brings you a moment of balance and reconnection extending into every aspect of your life. It all starts with something small that can make a big difference.


— Dr. Maria Ramey

MSc, PhD, Founder and Formulator